Lomonosov Award for Teaching Excellence

Established in 1992 it is granted annually for exemplary contributions to teaching. Professors and lecturers of the University are honored for their exceptional accomplishments in education such as developing novel courses, implementing innovative teaching methods and publishing educational materials. It has been given to 240 individuals so far to mark their teaching excellence.
Laureates of Lomonosov Award for Teaching Excellence (2017)

Ivan Kozikov
Professor at the Department of Socio-political Studies
Faculty of Political Science

Valery Prudnikov
Professor at Magnetism Department
Faculty of Physics

Vasily Fomichev
Professor at Department of nonlinear dynamic systems and control processes
Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics

Andrey Zoteev
Assistant professor at the Department of General Physics and Molecular Electronics
Faculty of Physics

Marina Alekseeva
Assistant professor at the Department of Theory and Methodology of editing
Faculty of Journalism

Outstanding faculty of Moscow University recognized at the Annual Award Ceremony where Lomonosov Scholar Award, Lomonosov Award for Teaching Excellence, Shuvalov Award for Young Researchers and Distinguished Professor Title are granted (18.01.2013)