Rectors of Moscow State University

The Rector of Moscow University takes a special place among the faculty, and he is considered to represent Russian high school both in academic and public life. This position has always been shaped by the history of the country and deeply rooted in the unique role of Moscow University.

During more than 260 years MSU had witnessed 44 Rectors: 6 in XVIII century, 18 – in XIX century, and 20 people in ХХ century. There were outstanding personalities and prominent scholars. Rectors represented various professions: astronomers, biologists, doctors, historians… Interestingly, both scholars and scientists form equal parts in the University’s governance. Lawyers prevailed in humanities, while mathematicians – in sciences.   

Even two Germans – Theodor Bause (1807-1808), and Bernhard Angreas von Game (1808-1819) – ran the MSU in the 19th century.  

31 of all rectors were graduates of the Moscow University. The shortest term lasted only 28 days for S.N. Trubetskoy. V.A. Sadovnichiy is responsible for running the University since 1992.  

Each rector’s “regency” may be properly assessed and evaluated only if we consider it within the broad historical, political, educational and cultural situation of the period in question. Each of the rectors improved the University and only their joint efforts amounted MSU to the list of world-class universities.

1992- present time
Anatoly Alekseevich –
Rem Viktorovich –
Ivan Georgievich –
Alexander Nikolaevich 
Ilya Savvich