The Star of Moscow University

The Star of Moscow University on top of the Main Building has always served the guiding light for the hundreds of its graduates, working all around the country and beyond, yet making a difference in the arrears they enroll.
It was established by Students Union and Students Theatre in 2005 to mark the outstanding graduates and public figures of the University. Since then this award has played an integral role in furthering the unique mission of the University through acknowledging the outstanding faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The laureates are appraised for their contribution into the development of science and culture as well as strengthening the impact of the University.
The Stars of Moscow University
2018Irina Beletskaya (Professor at Faculty of Chemistry)

2017 – Nikolay Drozdov (Professor at Faculty of Geography)

2016 – Evgeny Tyrtyshnikov (Professor at Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics)
2015 – Sergey Ryazansky (Graduate of Faculty of Biology, a cosmonaut)
2014 – Nikolay Egorov (Professor at International Research Centre for Biochemical Technology)
2012 – Yuri Osipov (Professor at Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics)
2011 – Evgeny Anufriev (Professor Emeritus of Moscow University, Faculty of Philosophy)
2010 – Igor Shuvalov (Graduate of Faculty of Law, First deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation)
2009 – Alexandr Zhukov (Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation)
2008 – Nikolay Brandt (Professor at Faculty of Physics)
2007 – Gleb Dobrovolsky (Professor at Faculty of Soil Sciences)
2006 – Sergey Nikolsky (Professor at Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics)
2005 –
  • Victor Sadovnichy (Rector of Moscow University)

  • Yuri Tkachevsky (Hero of the Soviet Union, Professor at Faculty of Law)

  • Yassen  Zassoursky (Faculty of Journalism)

  • Alexander Zinoviev (Philosopher, Writer)

  • Il’in Il'ja (Chairman of Youth Council of MSU)

  • Yury Luzhkov (Major of Moscow in 1992–2010)

  • Dmitry Novikov (Graduate of Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics)

  • Evgeny Slavutin (Art Director of Moscow Open Student Theater)

  • Maria Kiseleva (a triple Olympic medalist, Graduate of Faculty of Journalism)

2005. The laureates at the first ceremony to be held on Tatianin’s day (left to right): Alexander Zinoviev, Yassen Zassoursky, Yuri Tkachevsky, Maria Kiseleva, Victor Sadovnichy.
Yuri Osipov was a President of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 1991 till 2013.   Alexander Zinoviev is a world famous writer and philosopher, graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy.    Sergey Nikolsky the prominent mathematician was awarded with the Star of Moscow University. Here he is 101 years old.      
Among the Laureates of The Star of Moscow University is Hero of the Russian Federation, space-pilot Sergey Ryazansky. This is the first graduate of Moscow University to be in open space. 
For over 40 years professor Nikolay Drozdov worked in the famous show “In the World of Animals” telling fascinating stories about animals all over the world. He graduated from Faculty of Geography of Moscow University and after writing a PhD in biogeography became a member of the faculty. He is giving lectures on a variety of problems of biogeography and biodiversity.