Letopis of MSU

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The present site “Letopis of MSU” looks to the past to find the origins of much that is distinctive in the University of today. Here the most profound and reliable information on its history could be found. It comprises detailed information on Moscow State University: structure, professors and lecturers, major events and traditions. The very word letopis’ literary means a chronicle, and like the rigorous chronicles of the old age, “Letopis of MSU” keeps year to year track of all important things that have been attempted and accomplished.

We aim at sharing the knowledge of history and traditions with a broad audience including specialists in the field, the community of scholars and average students of our Alma Mater. “Letopis of MSU” is the oldest and the largest institutional academic archive in the nation.

Apart from the Archive of MSU all the major archives of Moscow containing information about the University are used to reconstruct the detailed picture of the past. The material of studies, books and monographs of the leading researchers in the field of University’s history serves as the basis for Historical Database. “Letopis of MSU” collects, organizes, analyzes and provides access to a comprehensive record of more than 260 years of Moscow State University.

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